Thursday, 8 October, 2009


Unanimous Candidate
of Vasai Jan Aandolan

Michel Furtado:
Leadership of Mr. Vivek Pandit is not confined to the caste, religion and party politics. He has spent his life for the society. Vasai Jan Aandolan Samiti feels proud to present a competent candidate like him to the people of Vasai. He is capable to end corruption and terrorism in Vasai. He will effectively represent Vasai in State Assembly.

Milind Khanolkar:
Vivek Pandit is one of the struggling children of Sane Guruji. Rashtra Seva Dal has shaped his personality. He has respect for all religion and love for poor. I am sure that he will be ideal leader of Vasai.

Shyam Patkar:
Vivek Pandit is a 'visionary' and extraordinary combination of knowledge, organising skills, fighting spirit and developmental work. Vasai has not developed as expected in last 20 years. I am confident that Vivek Pandit through his extensive experience and his social commitment will bring prosperity to the region.

Vinayak Nikam:
I feel proud that Vivek Pandit has blessings of Shivsena Chief Balasaheb Thackrey. He has won confidence of Shivsena Chairperson Mr. Uddhav Thackrey. His leadership and presence in Assembly will not only benefit Vasai but will give justice to all the poors and disadvantaged in the state.

Prafulla Thakur:
Vivek Pandit is a real combatant. He has fought hard against the rulers in Vasai, who mislead people in the name of development. Vivek Pandit has capacity to take all the people of different religion, caste and class together for the real development of Vasai. Unanimous candidature conferred upon him is itself a beginning of a revolution in Vasai.

Vidyullata Pandit:
I have been actively and firmly supporting Vivek for last 25 years. He reaches the root cause when faced with any issue and fiercely confronts the opponent. I feel proud of his organising skills, learning abilities, strong headedness, his speech and his writing. I always appreciate his strategies and tactics. He gets furious when sees any form of injustice.

Dominica Dabre:
Vivek Pandit helps any person who is denied of justice. He successfully battled against injustice on sweepers, sand extractors, tribals and even ST commuters. He put his life at stake during the agitation against inclusion of villages in Municipal Corporation.

Vijay Machado:
Vivekbhau has been fighting for the rights of poor tribals and down trodden through his organisation. His entry in politics has given common people say in administration. He respects all religions, is intelligent and is a great leader. I have no doubts that he will work hard for the development of Vasai.

K. D. Gharat:
''Doston ke liye dildar hu mai, dushman ke liye talwar hu mai'', such is a persona of Vivek Pandit. He will bring development to farmers and fishermen. He is god of poor.

Dharmaji Patil:
It is just difficult to forget Dharmvir Anand Digheji. However Vivekbhau has filled in the cavity after Dighesaheb. Lakhs of poor are ready to sacrifice their life for Vivekbhau.

Dilip Mathak:
Vivekbhau is a storm that is swarming at the horizons of Vasai. Vasaikars have got historical opportunity to elect Vivekbhau as their legislator. His presence there will benefit whole of the state.

Navin Dube:
Vivekbhau has never seen caste or religion while helping anyone. He has always practiced religion of 'humanity'. He has always strived hard to build capacities of youth.

Manohar Joshi, Ex Speaker of Loksabha and Ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra
I know Vivek Pandit as an activist, who is capable to bring about change in the system by reaching the roots of any issue. He is learned and has fighting spirit. He excels in organising downtrodden to make them heard in the process of policy making.

Kathy Sreedhar, Leading activist in the civil movement in America
Vivek is an extraordinary combination of intelligence, sensitivity, insistence to preserve human values, courage to face any consequences. I have not met any other person with combination of similar qualities.

Laxmidhar Mishra, Special rapporteur of National Human Rights Commission
Vivek Pandit has presented a unique combination of right based organising for developmental and welfare works. He never compromised with injustice. At the same time he never instigated violence against his atrocious opponents.

Simon Martin:
Recent developments in Vasai are promising. Vivek Pandit's successful effort to bring together political parties with different philosophies against atrocious rule in Vasai is an important happening in this country. Good people need to come together to fight against wide spreading evil deeds.

Haji Allah Baksh Haji Gulam Mohammad Bangi:
"Vivekbhau Aandhi Nahi, Maharashtra ke Gandhi Hai" He respects all the religions and treats everyone equally. I pray to Allah for his health and wish Allah offers him long life to serve the people.

Sanjay Koli:
Vasai has been exploited in the name of development for last 2 decades. We need a capable candidate to stop this exploitation. Vasai needs non-corrupt and cultured leadership. Vivekbhau only can give such leadership to Vasai. Let's think only of Vivek Pandit this time and make Vasai Prosporous.


  1. how can u call yourself secular, you fought the election as an indipendent and then you are under the political banner of shiv sena.. i will never in my life see shiv sena as an secular party

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